HOT Carbon Si YH-546 serie

★HOT SALE★ Metal patterns are suitable for so many different products, such as the automotive industry, home appliances, furniture, motorcycle, bottles, etc. YH-546 series is not only silver color but also gold is available. Product name: Carbon Si Pattern:YH-546 Width: 100cm

NEW skullz-1 YH-D306B

* NEW Pattern * YH-D306B Width: 100cm Product name: skullz-1

NEW Inflection YH-C044D

* NEW Pattern * YH-C044D Width: 100cm Product name:Inflection

NEW Amazon Teak YH-W121B

* NEW Pattern * YH-W121B Width: 100cm Product name:Amazon Teak

NEW 3D-Blooming YH-W105E

* NEW Pattern * YH-W105E Width: 100cm Product name: 3D-Blooming

NEW Red Brown Stripe YH-612B

* NEW Pattern * YH-612B Width: 60cm Product name:Red Brown Stripes YHTCubic film /hydrographic film / water transfer printing filmis the same pattern ofYH-612, but new color This pattern is very suitable for furniture, aviation, automobile interior, and surface decoration that we did not expect. Please contact us ★Press here for more information

NEW Light White Birdseye YH-W134A

* NEW Pattern * Believe you will like our new wood grain designs with variety of combinations. Product name: Light White Birdseye Pattern: YH-W134A Width: 100cm ★

HOT Classic Natural Varnished Oak YH-W094A

★HOT SALE★ With the advent of winter, wood grain can give people a warm feeling. Product name: Classic Natural Varnished Oak Pattern: YH-W094A Width: 100cm ★

HOT Curvy Wood YH-W078B ;YH-W078C

★HOT SALE★ Have you ever checked our YH-W078 series?? They are suitable for furniture and home appliance. If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us. Product name: Curvy Wood Pattern: YH-W078B ;YH-W078C Width: 60cm ★

HOT YH-358 series

Life is not only black and white. Colorful life makes our days more attractive. ★